Agent Bonus

Are You A Real Estate Or Property Agent?

We probably don’t need to tell you how valuable referrals are. I’m sure you use them every day to grow your own business. Well, we’re the same as you. We have been in the self storage industry since 2004 and rely heavily on referrals to grow our business.

We’ve just opened our newest site – City West Storage in Altona North – and we need customers! To fill our site as quickly as we can, we’re going deep on rewarding people who can help us do just that.

Our system is really simple - here’s how it works

Sign Up

Leave your details in the form below and we will register you for referrals. We’ll send you a link to refer people to us that is customised to you, so
we can ensure you (and your client) get rewarded.

Refer people

If a client, or someone else you know needs storage, enter their details and we will do the rest. They get a $100 Gift Card when they move in.

Kick back

As soon as your referral signs up, we will send you a $100 Gift Card of your choice just for sending them our way. You can send as many people as you like and we will keep sending Gift Cards. Nice!

This is a limited offer. We only have 57 containers available for referrals. As soon as they are full, the party is over!

So start now and refer someone – we really will look after them well and we’d love to see you getting into some hardcore retail therapy!

There are no tricks, weasel-out clauses or dodgy deals here. With our simple referral system, everyone wins:

Your client who takes up storage gets the self-storage they need, great service AND a $100 Gift Voucher!
We Get A New Customer
The person making the referral – you – gets a $100 Gift Voucher and the knowledge you’re helping others!