Shipping Container Self Storage

Shipping Container Self Storage makes the perfect storage solution!

We have been offering shipping container self-storage solutions since 2004, with great success. Our customers have benefitted from great storage at cheaper prices as a
result. If you have never considered storing your possessions in shipping containers, here are some great reasons why they are perfect for storage.

Why Shipping Container Self Storage is a great way to store your goods.

1. Shipping containers are designed to store stuff!

Shipping container self-storage is designed for goods of all shapes and sizes to be stored for months at a time. 90% of the goods in your home have been in a shipping container at some stage for up to 3 months.

2. Protection from the Elements

Since shipping containers are designed to travel on ships for several months at a time, they are built to protect the cargo from the elements. All of the containers are airtight, waterproof, dustproof, vermin proof and wind resistant. The doors are fitted with thick rubber seals to make them secure and safe. A very small passive ventilation port located at the top corner of every shipping container allows air to be circulated in all weather conditions.

3. Cost Effective

Using shipping container self-storage means you are not paying the high cost of renting inside a staffed facility with limited access. Shipping container storage is considerably cheaper than renting in a conventional indoor storage facility. Feedback from our customers indicated that City West Storage is up to 57% cheaper than other storage options.

4. Secure

Shipping Container Self Storage containers have a 3 point locking system and an anti-theft lock box, making it very difficult to break in. Our site is always monitored with back-to-base movement sensor alarms. Your goods are safe with us. Did you know each container weighs over 2000kg and is strong and sturdy enough to even withstand cyclonic weather? CLICK HERE to book your 20 foot Shipping Container for self storage. Need to talk? Give us a call 03 9088 3003.

5. They are BIG!

Shipping container self-storage units have almost 34 cubic meters of storage. Every container is almost the height of a standard roof, giving you great opportunity to store even the weirdest shaped items or stack many boxes safely on top of one another.

6. Easy Access

Have you ever bought a new fridge or lounge suite only to get it home and realise your doors are smaller than what you thought? Shipping container doors are 2.15m wide, making it amazingly simple to get any item inside without struggle. Many of our customers even use our shipping containers to store cars. At City West Storage, we offer a drive up, easy access solution.

7. Shipping Containers are simple!

Shipping container self-storage offers a great, cost-effective, simple and secure storage solution. On top of that, we make the process of moving in and out simple & straight forward with an easy storage agreement, various payment options and service that will go the extra mile. We like to ensure that you have a memorable experience while you store your most valued possessions with us.

If it’s not obvious… WE LOVE SHIPPING CONTAINERS! They make great storage and our customers constantly give us feedback about how convenient they are. Try it yourself!