Referral Program

Why we use a referral program

We need to fill our facility fast… and reward people for helping!

What we have found over and over again is that our best source of new customers is existing customers and people who know us.  They already trust and understand what we do, know we provide a good service and trust we will do the right thing by them.

Refer someone now!

So now we put all marketing effort into referrals. We have developed a system that works really well for us AND rewards both our REFERRERS and our NEW CUSTOMERS.

It works like this…

  1. We ask people if they know anyone who might need self-storage.
  2. If they do, we offer them an incentive for providing the details of the person and suggesting we contact them.
  3. We then do all the work in making the contact and asking if the person actually wants self-storage.

Here’s the rewards…

– The person making the referral gets a $100 Gift Voucher from the supplier of their choice. They can choose from Coles, Myer, JB Hi-Fi, Amazon or anyone else they like. They also have the satisfaction of knowing they have helped you and us!

– The person being referred – the new customer – gets a $100 Gift Voucher too! PLUS, they get secure, reliable, drive-up self-storage at the best prices in Melbourne!

By doing this, everyone wins:
– We get a new Customer
– The person taking up storage gets the service they need AND a $100 Gift Voucher!
– The person making the referral get a $100 Gift Voucher and the knowledge they are helping others!

It really does work well for everyone. And best of all, there is no limit – anyone can refer as many people as they like and the offers are valid for each referral who takes up self-storage. Once a person has been referred, they can also refer others!