We need an organised, hard working person to work with us part time

Wanted: Logistics, Admin & Sales Coordinator

Must be organised, detail orientated admin focussed with sales capability

City West Storage has been operating for a year and has been managed by the owners. The business has good systems and processes and is growing rapidly.

We now need to find a person with a unique skill set, who can undertake all the administration tasks, deal with customers where needed, sell to new prospects and ideally do some low-level maintenance around the property. You should be bright and engaging, but also have the ability to complete tasks in a timely manner. The role may suit a person who has a lot of experience in different areas and a wide range of skills.

This would probably start out as a part time role with an initial set of processes that need to be followed. If we think it is working well, then it is possible that the role could expand.

The requirements of the business vary from day to day and at different times of the year, so there will be times when the workload will be busier than others. We would like the person to work mostly from our business in Altona North, but some work from home may be possible.  We are willing to change the role slightly if we can find the right person.

We have a maximum of $2,000 per month available for this role. We would expect that you are onsite for 2 – 4 hours per day and also do some work from home if and when required. The time at the site would be flexible, depending on when customers wanted to meet and what needs to be done. You would have the ability to set the hours to an extent to fit in with your schedule.

We are looking for someone who is:

  1. Highly organised and detail oriented to completing tasks. You may have been a personal assistant, done event organisation or book-keeping because you are good at logistics and details and you like to work from a check list at all times.
  2. Be able to answer the phone quickly and in a clear and friendly manner. People need to “hear you smile” when you are talking on the phone. Ideally, the person would be flexible enough so that they can answer the phone between 9.00am and 5.00pm.
  3. Enjoys working alone and independently most of the time and with some phone or video call interaction. The work you’ll be doing will be on your own quite a bit, although customers will be around during the day. If you’re the type of person who enjoys long chit chat with people a lot, this probably isn’t right for you. We want someone who can make sales and interact with customers, but not waste their whole day when there is other work to be done. You will need to have very good English (written and verbal) and be personable with people.
  4. Competent using the internet, social media, apps and conducting business online. We will provide the content for social media and other programs but you would need to use these programs, post information and keep them up to date. You would also need to monitor information and be proficient with using a range of computer programs. This aspect is important. We would not be asking you to do anything creative, just implement using systems that exist or that you would build to get these jobs done.
  5. Has a really reliable home computer with fast internet connection so that you can do work online and be available for emails and Skype calls if you work from home.
  6. Tech-savvy and understands the online environment. Ideally you will also have experience working with a CRM system and other management programs. Nothing is too advanced, but you must know things like Outlook, Google docs, email setup and use, ordering online, excel etc.
  7. Dependable. We are talking about very dependable. Not the “this usually doesn’t happen” type! We would prefer if you were the person in school who got the award for perfect attendance in every year.
  8. Doesn’t take things personally, stays objective and always likes to use logic to make decisions. We will try to provide direct and honest feedback. It is important you do not take this personally. We would expect you to be just as honest in your feedback to us.
  9. Is cool and relaxed, but always pushing to get things done. It’s important that you like to take responsibility and your main focus is always delivering results.
  10. Usually available via email or on Zoom / telephone. Over time, we will choose to schedule specific times to speak and meet online, but initially we would like to be able to contact you on a more regular basis.

The main components of the work would be:

  1. Managing customers moving in and out, filling in paperwork online and ensuring payments are made. We would provide a set of processes to follow and your knowledge of the business would grow over time. There would be some decision making in this and we would refine it over time.
  2. Meeting customers onsite and talking to them on the phone. This would include getting all the relevant information from people and answering all their questions. We will provide training but you would need to be able to do this independently. You would need to book people in, ensure the spaces are clean and generally be highly organised and efficient with customers.
  3. Manage the storage database and ensuring it is clean and up to date. This would include entering information and setting up systems so that you can save time in the long term.
  4. Ensuring that the site is always clean and tidy. This would include doing a “walk around” and cleaning up the site if necessary. Ideally we would like someone who could do basic maintenance on site.
  5. Using a cloud-based management system to enter details for customers. You will need to work from a computer a lot and be very comfortable doing this.


If you’re the sort of person who likes really creative work and lots of variety in your day, like to chat and deal with people ALL the time, then this role is not right for you. This is organiser-type work and will require you to keep and develop checklists and processes and work from them.

We really are looking for someone who is incredibly organised in their work life and personal life and who really doesn’t like being disorganised or messy. Since there will be selling and customer work involved, you need to be able to work with people.

Look around your house. Is it so clean and organised that your friends tell you that you’re too uptight and a ‘clean freak’? Perfect! If you’re a mess and you try to convince us that you’re organised, we’ll find out so don’t even waste your time.

We are looking for a self-motivated, organised person who would like to have a stable role, keeping the business and all details organised and also being able to speak to people who enquire about storage. Just so you are aware, we are not perfect and may be frustrating to deal with for someone like you. But we are fun to work with, very approachable and really want to find someone who can grow with the business and take on responsibility.

We feel that this will be a very fulfilling role for the right person. We want someone who is committed so that they can grow in the role and also enjoy doing it. Ideally this would be a longer-term role for the right person. If you are good at doing what we need to be done, then you will enjoy your work and find it fulfilling.

To Apply, please send us an email and include the following:

Your career history with each Position you have had, what the responsibilities were along with who you reported to. Also, add in what each of your previous employers would say were your strengths and weaknesses. Please also include contact information from your previous bosses so we can check your references.

– A resume if you have one

– Confirmation that you meet each of the requirements we’ve listed above, including technical ability, computer and internet connection, time flexibility and the other items we have listed.

It’s important that you tell us why you think you’re a good match for what we’ve listed above, with a particular focus on the organisational aspect and time flexibility.

  • If we go forward with you, you will need to provide a Police check.

Please send an email to:

[email protected]

We’re going to review each of the responses we get personally and will contact you if we think you’re a good fit.

Thank you

Ned & Jeff, Directors